Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh, Venezia...

Ciao all! Venice was the first trip my dad and I took, and it was absolutely amazing. It is a beautiful city, and while we could have easily seen everything in just 1 day, we decided to stay overnight (sadly, the a/c was broken in our hotel..bummer). We took the train from Milan, and did all tourist things- took tons of pictures, went on a gondola ride, and ate probably the best piece of chocolate I have ever tasted (and believe me, I've had my fair share of chocolate). 
Check it!

i canali

Mask shops everywhere

Faux pigeon

Gondola repair shop

This, my friend, is a beaded booty

Gondola master

Our gondola... driver Captain 

Tried to get us all in there!

Happy Tuesday! Next up: barcelona

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