Saturday, October 29, 2011


Forgot to post these pictures from Zenga (another natural textile producer)...these are from the roof! Check it

Look at this little coat on the left! <3


Hey all! October has been a really busy month for me- my collection is coming along, and I've been on quite a few academic trips. Went to a trend forecast presentation in Como, and shortly after, the 4th year students (there's only 5 of us!) went to Biella for three days to hit up the natural luxury textile producers/designers, and to see their factories. These are images from Loro Piana, who is the creator of the most beautiful natural textiles I have ever had the pleasure of touching. Check it

 The Showroom


 The lab, where they test every fiber

 Makin' some yarn 

 Amazing Color Lab

 Makin' some fabric

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I never posted any pictures of my apartment!
 Balcony #1
 Sweet little seats; fireplace
 Living room; balcony #2
I need a studio! At least I'm workin', right?

I reallly love this apartment though- I wish I could bring it with me when I leave...                     

I miss these kids!

I was just looking through pictures, & I found these from 2 summer's ago 
Check it

You tell these kids to pose for a picture, & you know what they do?

They try to poke you in the belly button.

I miss you, Jainy & Ian!