Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana!

September was nice and busy! First came my personal website launch (my portfolio), which I made myself on Wix.com- really easy to use if you need an online portfolio or website. There are  a million templates, and most of them are actually cool. 

This is my website: www.jackiiramis.wix.com/design
It lists upcoming events, exhibitions, there is a store, blah blah blah.

More recently I launched part of my collection on Muuse.com! There are 6 pieces from the "Crunch" collection, that are available for sale, tailor made to fit your measurements. All pieces are made by tailors in Copenhagen, Denmark. Pieces start at 2,000 Euro. Follow me on Muuse! http://www.muuse.com/#!collections/110-crunch-by-jacqueline-ramis

In honor of the launch, I have put up some (cheap!) items for sale on my website. Scarves, prints, purses... Check the shop on my wix website. 

Here are some other blog posts from Muuse.com about Crunch & the FIT Milan program. 

Check it...