Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hail the Size of Golf Balls

Ok, so it's only hail the size of pencil erasers. NEVERTHELESS, a perfect day to update a blog. It's been a long time! A few notable events have occurred this past month. 

1. My birthday! (April 5. Was in Amsterdam.)
2. My birthday dessert party (in Italy)
3. Cooked some delicious food
4. Made a project page for my thesis collection (insect inspired women's clothing) on Kickstarter- Successfully funded!

My birthday & dessert party were equally as sweet! As for the delicious food, I made "Zucchini- Parmesan Squares". I didn't make them in squares, though. I made them in mini dishes (like appetizers).. pictures below! If you're interested, the recipe:

Also made banana fritters, but I'll save those for next time.
More importantly:
Thank you to Laura Paxton & the 35 other friends and family who backed my Kickstarter project.

125% funded, baby!

Next steps of mine: 
A. Finish collection (8 looks)
B. Fullfil Kickstarter rewards!

Next steps of yours: 
A. Check out Laura's website:
(You'll be glad you did)
B. Look at some April pictures... Check it

 My favorite photographer


Glamour shots by Deb Frankie

 Dessert party!


Zucchini-Parm joy.

Another original print!

Next Up: Lago di Garda, collection progress, & banana fritters.