Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Famiglia di Amsterdam

Even though I don't have any pictures of this beautiful apartment I'm staying in, I do have some pictures of the beautiful family that lives here. 

See Alessandro, Frankie, and Jackii like never before! 
On fire... melting... and inside of a kaleidoscope!  
check it.

What is going on in this picture?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's been a long time (shouldn't have left you)...

Hello!!! It has been quite a while, and my darn camera is broken. I'll give ya'll a little update on my whereabouts anyway...


+moved to amsterdam

+was selected to collaborate with Muuse.com, to produce and sell my designs from "Crunch"

+had a photoshoot for Muuse with 
alessandro & frankie

+ate lots of pasta

+got a little homesick

+chosen to participate in exhibit hosted by the Gabarron Foundation, which will 
take place in NYC & Spain. 
Show opens Sept. 14th in NY! Check it out.
Press release:

+now: getting serious about my next collection?! 

I guess that's about it. Met some nice people. I was a zombie extra in a friend's movie. The same movie used some of my garments on extras. 

Here are some pictures of Paris I owe you ;)
(Paris was AMAZING. I didn't edit any of these photos, and they're from my ipod. That's just how crazy it looked outside.)

Near the museum Orangerie. So amazing!
The Monet exhibit took me into another world.
These museums are impressionist heavens.

This is right near the Louvre...
I took the nicest nap after the museum

a sculpture

La tour eiffel